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 We take windshield replacement process very serious. Car auto glass replacement  what we do best Platinum Auto Glass NJ. Since 2006 it is more common for front windshield to more 3 features. 2017 model have 5 features in front windshield glass. If you now what type windshield you have in your car it makes replacement process simply. Click on link to see pictures of the different types of windshield.  Most common windshield is plan GBN with shade on top. Second most used windshield is electrical chromatic mirror.  On the rear view mirror they are two -three buttons with wires running down from the head liner (roof of car) vehicle. You have wires coming down next to rear view mirror and black box that called rain-sensor & light sensor with inferred. Rain-sensor & light & lane departure warn system. Heated windshield is where wiper area has brown lines.

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