Windshield chip repair allows you to save your auto glass from being replaced.  Allow us to fix it at Platinum Auto Glass train tech will perform a quality chip repair. A new windshield could cost $320 to $2000 depending on make on model. All 2017 new car owner should look to save front windshield from replacement due all features. In 2000 model cars all you had to worry about was rain sensor, heat , head up display. Now 2017 all car model come standard lane departure warn system plus all the above.

Platinum auto glass chip repair process takes 30 minutes. We use best resins seal filler and pit cure for clean results. Allow us to save your windshield from being replaced so you keep the original seal. For more then one chip ask us over the phone for best option to towards.

Platinum Auto Glass we want the best results for your auto glass replacement or repair. As such, we have one-year guarantee on all of our products and craftsmanship. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your installation, simply give us a call, and we will work with you until you are fully content.

On site  windshield replacement or chip repair. Free mobile windshield replacement service to your home, office, at your door services at no additional Charge. Chip repair is the best way to save your windshield and money. Our certified technicians are trained to install the windshield correctly the first time. Clean all broken glass, dirt, clean glass and properly expect for Platinum Quality Checklist.

Windshield  Stone Chip Repair



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