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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Mobile Glass windshield install?


Does it cost less money to fix a small chip on windshield.

Yes. New windshield cost up to $1000 plus new 2020 cars.

How long does new windshield process take to replace?

 Generally a windshield installation will take three hours from start to finish. There is up to 1 hour of installation time and 2 hour of “curing” time. Curing time is the amount of time it takes the urethane adhesive that holds the windshield in place to dry to the Sika Glue/Dow. No vehicle will be allowed to drive away without proper drying time. Safe drive time is noted on receipt. Photos before and after service.

*Dealer calibrate lane departure warn system on vechile as recommended for 2022 models(BMW, Mercedes, etc) . Call or email vin number so we answer any other questions.

What is OEM? 

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, simply means the parts are certified to be genuine manufacturer parts. This means the glass will be the same as what came out of your vehicle. In regards to replacing glass with another brand makes no difference at all. Collector cars may want OEM parts to retain originality of the vehicle, for the rest of us all glass is AS-1 certified and is guaranteed to fit correctly every time.

How much does it cost front windshield replacement cost? 

$100-up $1000.Reason due new glass technology ADAS system. Reason we advice customers to fix a windshield chip repair crack soon asap. For price quote 24 hours 7 days week online fill out contact forum.

How much is same day mobile emergency windshield replacement or auto glass replacement? 

$500 and past $1000. Reason we advice customers to fix windshield chip repair crack asap.Price quote 24/7 online to save time and money.

What happens to motor vehicle inspection sticker? 

We do our best save your old inspection sticker and transfer it new windshield. Inspection sticker and other decals we try our best to put on new windshield at customer request.

Why choose us Platinum Auto Glass New Jersey? 

Offering different level of service care to you and your vehicle. Read about us. Watch us work. Family owned and owner operator servicing NJ customer service 20 years experience.

What areas do you service in New Jersey? 

Service area map link to city near your.

How long of chip crack on windshield do you fix?  

Stone chip damage can be fixed up to 6 inch. Take look at before and after photos to help. Chip glass repair damage bigger then 6 inch will need a new windshield. Send photo cracks line for mobile chip glass services. Same Day moblie chip glass sevrice provider.

What type windshield or glass parts used? 

New front windshields aftermarket parts only install. This list of brands rands are FYG, PPG, Aptec, Etc. OE parts of only choice 2022 -2023 automotive repair.

Do you work with car insurnace policy?  

Yes. Send a information text or email. We will take care of rest.